Company History

Deep Impact's reputation for building high performance center console boats began when the company was founded in 1998.

Since inception, the company has grown and evolved into a fully functioning factory building a unique boat while providing an excellent experience for our customers both during and after sale. This unique brand was focused on quality, performance, and luxury.


Deep Impact opened its doors in 1998 with a vision to create the most luxurious center consoles in the world.


In 2008 the Deep Impact brand was purchased by the management team of GPS International, Inc.


As of 2009, Lazaro Hernandez (CEO) has undertaken a full blown restructuring of the brand.


In January 2010, Hernandez announced that the company would return to the factory direct sales method in an effort to increase customer satisfaction and support. The need for more space became apparent as consumer demand and product line expansion grew.


The staff at Deep Impact began business in their new factory in January 2012. The new facility is nearly twice the size of the prior factory. The new facility offers increased efficiency and production capacity.


... the dream lives on!