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Deep Impact Commercial Provides marine related assets for a variety of commercial uses. Our scope is opened to and not limited to MPSV (Multi-Purpose Support Vessels), PSV Class (Platform Supply Vessels), FSV (Fast Supply & Utility Vessel) OSE (Offshore Supply Equipment), FP (Fast Patrol), Towing and drilling rigs for both shallow and deepwater operation just to name a few.

  • Barge Boats : Transport of heavy goods
  • Supply Boats : Vessels built to deploy and recover mooring systems for deep water drilling rigs, and undertake traditional supply duties in support of drilling and offshore operations
  • Bulk Boats : Are also considered cargo boats, specially designed to transport unpacked bulk cargo.
  • Crew Boats : Specialized in transport of offshore support personnel, deck cargo and below deck cargo such as fuel, water, food etc.
  • Lift Boats : Large open deck boats capable of carrying equipment and supplies in support of various offshore explorations and the ability to rapidly raising its hull clear of water on its own legs to provide a stable platform for maintenance and construction work to be performed.
  • Tanker Boats : Built for the purpose of moving large quantities of unrefined crude oil from its point of extraction to refineries.
  • Patrol, Pilot and Escort Boats : Boats used to protect and escort larger vessels. The Deep Impact line of Patrol Boats serve the purpose for border protection, drug & human smuggling, oil bunkering , anti piracy. Deep Impact Patrol boats can be designed mission specific based on the requirements necessary to facilitate the application.
  • Dredging Equipment : Dredgers come in a variety of applications and are mission specific. Suction, Bucket, Clamshell, BackHoe/Dipper are some examples.

We achieve superior performance through partnering, designing and equipping our vessels to meet our customers’ current and anticipated needs for their shallow and deepwater operations. We have created strong relationships throughout the marine seascape to facilitate marine solutions for a variety of industries. All Offshore Supply and specialty vessels are all ISM, SOLAS and DP2 certified.
If you are in need of further information for your requirements feel free to contact us at your leisure.

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