Speed & Style

Speed & Style have been in the forefront of every Deep Impact Boat that has been built since the company was formed. It was and still is our primary goal to build and customize the best performing boat on the water. We have accomplished this by paying close attention to the details and working with leaders in the industry.

Our Deep Impact Boats gain their pedigree from John Cosker (Mystic Marine), John Cosker world renowned Naval Architect has developed all the Deep Impact Hulls with his race bred heritage in mind. The Deep Impact Hull has proven to be the best of breed in Twin Stepped Hull Technology. Many claim that they have the best twin stepped hull technology but none can compare to a Deep Impact in anyway. Deep Impact not only offers the smoothest, and driest ride of all the center consoles in the market, it is the fastest hands down.

Deep Impact Boats is a custom boat builder that takes pride in building you that unique vessel that reflects your desire to separate you from the norm. Our styling is very unique and says a great deal anytime a Deep Impact Boat pulls into a marina.

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