Yacht Tenders

Mega yachts are completely custom built for owners who know what they want – a premium build quality with personalization. Deep Impact is known for building very fast, premium center console boats and for offering a wide range of customization possibilities, and that is why a significant number of Deep Impact Boats serve as yacht tenders.

A luxury yacht tender is water based transport used to service and to provide support and entertainment to a private or charter luxury, super or mega yacht. Known commonly as the 'yacht's tender' a luxury yacht tender will often be a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RIB) which features cushioned inflatable rubber inner tubes around its rigid (usually fibreglass) hull to protect the yacht when in close contact, but as of recently, the tender market has seen drastic changes based on the size, performance and requirements of the yachts they accompany. The tenders of yester year where just basic means of transportation to move passengers to and from the larger yachts that they accompany.

The new tenders are full fledge boats capable of serving many purposes beyond just transport. Many of the new yacht tenders are being used for scuba diving, fishing and transporting groups movement back and forth from the yacht, as well as a more practical boat to island hop while sailing exotic destinations. Many of the ports in some of these far off destinations are not capable of supporting the overall size of the newer super & mega yachts, so in instances like this the yacht tender serves as the primary means of transportation to land.

Deep Impact Boats takes pride in building yacht tenders that mimic their “mother ship”. Deep Impact has created its yacht tender after close conversations with owners and captains to give the yacht tender the creature comforts one would expect. Seating is probably one of the most important aspects of the design. Many of these larger vessels can occupy more than 20 people which includes crew and guests.

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